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film team or cameraman in Frankfurt

Are you looking for a cameraman to help you shoot or for a film crew to manage a complete video production Frankfurt or Germany? Then we are the perfect match for you!

Why you should hire us for your video production in Frankfurt
Our production quality

Organizing your video production Frankfurt

We know the local authorities, we are fluent in English and we have more than ten years of experience in film and video production Frankfurt services in the area as well as all over Germany. We can also assist you to get all required official permissions for your video production Frankfurt. We know which local authorities to talk to in order to secure a smooth video production. Futhermore we can recommend assisting parties such as drivers, caterers or make-up artists. We already worked for and with clients from the United States, South Korea, Italy, India, France, China and the United Kingdom.

Whether you only need a camera operator for a few hours in Frankfurt or a whole film and video production team for a full week, we are there for you. We have cameras, light, sound – everything you need. We are also happy to assist you with everything you need to your stay in Frankfurt or any other German city as pleasent as possible. We know which hotel in Frankfurt is close to your shooting location and where to get the best lunch for you and your crew. Of course we can also edit the film footage or provide it so that you can edit it yourself back home, whichever works best for you, full service production for any video production Frankfurt, you ask, we deliver.

Film production crew in Frankfurt

At Fenchel & Janisch you are not just any project or a number to us, you are our valued client!
We personally work on the video production Frankfurt for you and enjoy to be there for you. We are making the time for you to fullfill your wishes and goals that you have for the video. We work efficiently, deliver in high quality and everything for affordable prices.

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Marcel Fenchel
Producer & Director

I am your first touch point and also your contact person throughout the whole video production in Frankfurt.

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Moritz Janisch
Director of Photography
I will film and edit your video project and create an outstanding video for you that your audience will enjoy watching.
Hey, you!

A video can attract your customers attention and raise their interest in what you offer.


A video can explain your product or service very quick and right to the point.


Customers usually hire or buy from the provider they trust. Videos build trust.

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Fenchel & Janisch Filmproduction
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60488 Frankfurt am Main

Contact person: Marcel Fenchel

Phone: +49 69 26 49 27 21
e-Mail: info@fenchel-janisch.de

Monday until Friday: 10 am – 6 pm ( UTC/GMT +2 )

Full-service video production Frankfurt


Not every idea is ideal for a video, sometimes another marketing tool is the better option. We give honest advices to our clients and always point out several solutions.

Video production

We shoot your video production Frankfurt video in 4K and record really good sound. We always adjust to the given location and create a video that you will really benefit from.

Video marketing

We are very experienced on YouTube with 250000 subscribers and over 30 million views on our channel. We will share all of our video marketing insights with you.

Film production services Germany
Film production services
Concept and script

We create a film script based on your ideas and make suggestion for ways to realize it.

Production (shooting)

During the shoot, we film all motives based on the film script and are flexible to add other elements as well. You can book only a cameraman from Frankfurt or a whole video production team.


We edit the raw files to produce a professional video. We can also do color grading or slow-motion adjustments.


An animation helps to visualize things and ideas that can’t be displayed in real.

Audio post production / voice over

We offer a wide range of voices for voice over as well as background music.

Video marketing (YouTube)

YouTube is the second largest search engine of the world and helps you to reach additional customers.

Video production Frankfurt
Corporate video

The corporate video gives the viewer a first impression about the company and its offered services or products.

Product video

The product video explains the functionality and advantages of a product or product series.

Recruiting Video

Recruting videos show a certain employee and his work in a particular job position.

Tourism video

With the help of a tourism video you higher the chances to have the potential customer booking with your agency.

Testimonial video

Customers talk in front of a camera about what they like about your company and why others should also by from you.

Event video

The event video shows the happening event including speeches, statements and talks between the participants.

Portrait video

Its important for coaches to show their clients how they talk and act to build up some trust.

Realestate video

Realestate videos help the potential buyer to better understand the sizes of the rooms and the provided features.

Cinema advertisement

Showing an advertisement in local cinemas is cheaper than TV ads and presents special offers to a local audience.


The timelapse combines each second 24 different photos from different time intervals for an amazing look.

Camera training

We help you to understand your technical equipment and show you how to capture perfectly each moment your recording.

Editing training

We teach you how to edit with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects to create professional videos.

Video training

We teach your staff how they can realize small videos on their own like short interviews or statements in front of a camera.

Video production Frankfurt

This pricture shows the crew at a video production Frankfurt location.

Get in touch now! Call: +49 69 264 9271 or e-mail to info@fenchel-janisch.de